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Superbug genes are floating around in the air of 19 global cities, warn scientists … the next global pandemic is already in the making

For many cities, air quality is a major public health concern — and new research has shown that it’s not just exhaust fumes people need to be worried about.

Taking on Superbugs, Syphilis and Gonorrhoeae with Iodine

Time Magazine reported that this week marks one year since world leaders met at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in 2016 and unanimously committed to tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The risks of not doing so were clear: a recent report estimated that if AMR continued to spread at its current rate, there would be up to 10 million deaths globally by 2050.

New Report Says It’s Time for Big Pharma to ‘Play or Pay’ to Tackle Superbugs

Andrea Germanos, June 3, 2016
A new plan for tackling the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant microbes, or so-called superbugs, addresses the unnecessary use of antibiotics and includes a call on Big Pharma to “play or pay” to help bring successful treatments to the market

Antibiotic resistance explodes globally as corrupt, for-profit medical system runs out of chemicals that fight infections

David Gutierrez, December 16, 2015
Antibiotic resistance is reaching such dangerous proportions that the entire global health system is at risk of collapse, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on November 16.

Obama announces $1.2 billion plan that will let CAFOs continue abusing antibiotics while claiming to fight antibiotic resistance

BY Goodrich: (NaturalNews) Through the years, overexposure to antibiotics has led to the development of bacteria which are resistant to certain types of drugs. Last year, the World Health Organization sounded the alarm bell that antibiotic resistance should be taken seriously before it's too late.

Rate of deadly, drug-resistant superbug infections at U.S. hospitals surges

By Devon: (NaturalNews) Pharmacies give away antibiotics out their drive-thru window like Tootsie Rolls being tossed out in a parade. Doctors prescribe this candy medicine like it's some kind of all-around wonder drug. When we look at the actual science of antibiotics, they turn out to be less of a healing mechanism and more of a destroyer of the immune system. In fact, antibiotics work by destroying bacteria, both the infectious kind and the protective kind.

FDA deliberately allows animal drugs to stay legal even when they threaten humans with superbugs

The FDA allowed 18 separate animal antibiotics to remain on the market even after concluding that they posed a "high risk" of leading to antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause disease in humans, according to a new study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Sudden collapse of Harappan civilization may foreshadow superbug threat to modern humans

The mystery surrounding the sudden collapse of the ancient city of Harappa, a major urban center that was a prominent feature of the now defunct Indus civilization, recently became a little bit less mysterious thanks to new research out of Appalachian State University. An international team of climatologists, archaeologists and biologists found that rampant disease, among other things, played a major role in the swift decline of this primordial people group -- and the same thing could happen to modern humanity as a result of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs," believe some.