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A New Dating App Uses DNA to Find Your Match, Because We're That Desperate

The hot new way to find love is a cheek swab. Just load up a stick with your saliva and send it in for testing to Pheramor, a new dating app that analyzes your DNA and matches you with potential partners.


Fertility Expert Warns Cell Phones Are ‘Cooking’ Men’s Sperm

John Hayward, 22 Feb 2016
From the UK Telegraph comes word of a study that demonstrates men who keep their cell phones in their pockets, close to their testicles, risk “cooking” their sperm, possibly making it difficult for them to have children.

New 'digital dementia' plaguing young tech users

While dementia is a disease that typically plagues the elderly, a new type of cognitive condition is affecting younger individuals in their early 20s and teens – a disorder known as “digital dementia.” Digital dementia is characterized as the deterioration of brain function as a result of the overuse of digital technology, such as computers, smart phones and Internet use in general, Medical Daily reported. This excess use of technology leads to unbalanced brain development, as heavy users are more likely to overdevelop their left brains, leaving their right brains underdeveloped.