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Antibiotics for dental procedures linked to serious and potentially deadly infection

The overuse of antibiotics is already at an alarming level – worldwide. It is resulting in the creation of pathogens called “superbugs” – that are resistant to many antibiotics prescribed today; killing off friendly bacteria in the gut and weakening the overall strength of the immune system.

Antibiotics: Getting Through Purgatory

For several years now, we have talked frequently about the end of the age of antibiotics. As a result of over-prescribing and wide-spread use in the meat, poultry, and dairy industries--not to mention fish farming and the ability of pathogens to easily evolve around traditional man-made antipathogens--the standard arsenal of antibiotics is under severe stress.


Fluoroquinolone antibiotics leave patients paralyzed with irreversible damage

Vibrant, athletic young people who are now bedridden and housebound, formerly high-functioning professionals who have trouble remembering simple words – these individuals all have something in common. A common type of medication called fluoroquinolone antibiotics – often prescribed for such routine ailments as urinary tract infections and prostatitis – have caused devastating health conditions.


McDonald’s to Stop Selling Chicken Raised With Highest Priority Antibiotics Worldwide

McDonald’s will stop selling broiler chicken treated with Highest Priority Critically Important Antimicrobials (HPCIAs), the chain announced last Wednesday. McDonald’s had previously achieved its goal of phasing medically important antibiotics out of its U.S. supply chain in 2016.

HPCIAs are a group of medicines that the World Health Organization has deemed some of the most valuable antibiotics used in human medicine.


Antibiotics in Fast Food: See How 25 Top Chains Rank

Nutritional focus on fast food often hones in on calories, but antibiotics in fast food shouldn’t be ignored, either. A recent report released by the Center for Food Safety rates the top 25 American restaurant chains on antibiotics use in meat products. The results suggest we should definitely avoid some major chains at all costs.


Antibiotic resistance: Routine surgeries and minor infections projected to become life-threatening

Drug-resistant infections claim close to 700,000 lives worldwide every year – a shocking figure. Yet experts say this is only the beginning. If the crisis is not addressed, the toll is expected to rise to over 10 million lives a year by 2050 – more than the lives annually lost to cancer.

Make no mistake – this is a serious health crisis. A recently-released review from the UK highlights this escalating health threat – one which threatens to return modern medicine to the “Dark Ages.” Costs associated with AMR could run into the trillions


Overuse of Antibiotics Linked to Precancerous Colon Polyps

Taking antibiotics for an extended period of time in early and middle adulthood may increase your risk of developing precancerous growths called polyps in your colon, a large study suggests. [1]

The research, published in the journal Gut, adds to a growing collection of evidence that the type and diversity of gut microbes may play a significant role in the development of cancer.

Many people develop diarrhea when they take antibiotics. This is because the drug kills some of the normal gut bacteria, thus allowing an overgrowth of abnormal bacteria to dominate.

Antibiotics and Colon Cancer

Chances are good that you’ve taken antibiotics before at some point in your life. In fact, approximately 80 percent of Americans are prescribed antibiotics annually.1 Unfortunately, the problems associated with antibiotic use extend even beyond that of increasingly resistant bacteria. New research now suggests that longer-term antibiotic use may promote abnormal growths in the colon that can lead to cancer.

New Report Says It’s Time for Big Pharma to ‘Play or Pay’ to Tackle Superbugs

Andrea Germanos, June 3, 2016
A new plan for tackling the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant microbes, or so-called superbugs, addresses the unnecessary use of antibiotics and includes a call on Big Pharma to “play or pay” to help bring successful treatments to the market

Meat Is Murder—but It’s People Being Killed (and Not How You Think)

Richard Conniff, ,May 22, 2016
23,000 Americans will die this year from antibiotic-resistant infections; 80 percent of antibiotics in the U.S. are used by the meat industry.