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Food Poisoning

Dealing with Food Poisoning

When it comes to food safety, there's no place like home. Although eating out is fun and easy, it isn't necessarily easy on your body. In addition to all the extra calories you'll consume at a typical restaurant, studies show that your chances of ending up with food poisoning are double compared to eating at home.1 These days, with Americans spending more eating out than eating at home, one in six people in the US end up with foodborne illness each year.2 And if you travel abroad, depending on the destination, you may multiply the risk.

Food poisoning sickens hundreds at Food Safety Summit; top food industry officials affected

In what some would say is an ironic moment if ever there was one, more than 100 people attending a Food Safety Summit have recently become ill from food poisoning, of all things.

Tuna is the #3 cause of food poisoning in the United States, but not because of bacteria

Since bacteria are killed by thorough cooking, most consumers assume that they can avoid any food poisoning risk simply by cooking fish thoroughly before eating. This dangerous illusion probably contributes to tuna's status as the #3 cause of food poisoning in the United States.

The 3 Most Surprising Facts that Cause Food Poisoning

During times of hot humid climate, everyone is worried about food poisoning. Simple and common-sense preventive measures like hand washing and proper preparation of foods will help prevent food poisoning. Another common measure to prevent food poisoning is by heating or cooking foods appropriately. However, is this the case every time? It turns out that bacteria can even grow at hazardous levels even after heating foods! In this article, we'll reveal to you the three most shocking facts of food preparation that is often overlooked and can actually cause food poisoning.

Food poisoning could have lifelong consequences as bugs are linked to host of illnesses | Mail Online

Victims could develop diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure and high blood pressure Almost 90,000 cases of food poisoning every year in England and Wales