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Meditation combined with essential oils from Satureja genre found to ease anxiety

Aromatherapy using the essential oil of Satureja brevicalyx and S. boliviana, coupled with mindfulness meditation can relieve anxiety.

Prof claims ‘civility’ is a euphemism for ‘white supremacy’

Amidst widespread calls for a return to civility, especially when it comes to political differences, one professor took to Twitter to declare that calls for civility are just a cover for "white supremacy."

Natural Solutions Radio with Professor Ben-Joseph Second Hour

Saturday, Jun 30, 2018
Professor Ben-Joseph

Professor Ben-Joseph on BlogTalk Radio. Second Hour.

Natural Solutions Radio with Professor Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Saturday, Jun 30, 2018
Professor Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Professor Ben-Joseph speaking with callers. This is the first hour.

Climate Panic

In ancient history the entire earth froze over almost annihilating all life. Fortunately, we are not facing such a disaster, but we have climate panic non the less. Here is the panic: ‘Utterly Terrifying’: ‘Study Affirms Feedback Loop Fears as Surging Antarctica Ice Loss Tripled in Last Five Years.’ Really?

WARNING: Shellfish are now testing positive for opioids

The opioid epidemic in the United States has become so prolific that now even local shellfish are testing positive for Big Pharma’s most profitable (and most addictive) class of drugs.