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Cuneiform Document Library Hits Web

Fri May 17, 2002

By ANDREW BRIDGES, AP Science Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Historians using the modern language of computers are assembling a virtual library of the earliest known written documents: clay tablets inscribed more than 4,000 years ago.

Begun in 1998, the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative has taken on new urgency. Experts fear if the texts aren't cataloged electronically, they could be lost forever.


Grave Is One of Europe's Richest

Thu May 16, 2002

By AUDREY WOODS, Associated Press Writer

LONDON - A 4,000-year-old grave found near Stonehenge contains the remains of an archer and a trove of artifacts that make it one of the richest early Bronze Age sites in Europe, archaeologists said Thursday.

"It's a fantastically important discovery both for the number of artifacts found in that grave and the range of artifacts. It's absolutely unique," said Gillian Varndell, a curator of the British Museum's prehistory department.

Palestinians In Nativity Church Used Bibles As Toilet Paper

May 15, 2002
BETHLEHEM, West Bank - The Palestinian gunmen holed up in the Church of the Nativity and later deported by Israel seized church stockpiles of food and "ate like greedy monsters" until the food ran out, while more than 150 civilians went hungry.
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'You (the US) Will Vanish, But We Will Remain'

Dr. Mohammed T. Al Rasheed

Saudi Government Daily
May 14, 2002

Dr. Mohammad T. Al Rasheed, a columnist for the Saudi government English daily The Saudi Gazette, responded to President Bush's demand that Arab leaders cease calling suicide bombers "martyrs." In an article titled "God Bless Our Martyrs," Dr. Al-Rasheed criticized the U.S. The following are excerpts from the column:


Moderate Drinking May Cut Women's Risk of Diabetes

Tue May 14, 2002

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may help prevent healthy postmenopausal women from developing diabetes as well as heart disease, new research suggests.

According to the report, women who consumed one to two drinks a day were better able to respond to insulin, a hormone that helps cells use sugar for energy. These women also had lower levels of insulin in their blood. High blood levels of insulin--as well as decreased insulin sensitivity--are risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.




By Ashley Simmons Hotz

May 15, 2002 - The huge transnational companies that produce toxic chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides and industrial and household products profit not only from the sale of these products, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger.


Bush Administration Explanations for Pre-9-11 Warnings Fail the Smell Test

Warnings Received From Heads of State, Allied Intelligence Services Specifically Warned of Suicide Attacks by Hijackers

Insider Trading Also Clearly Warned of Attacks

by Michael C. Ruppert

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UK Food Watchdog Warns of Mercury Risk in Fish

Fri May 10, 2002

By Sharman Esarey

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Food Standards Agency (FSA) Friday advised pregnant women, women intending to become pregnant and children under 16 years of age to avoid eating swordfish, shark, and marlin because of high mercury levels.

The elevated levels of mercury in these large predators, in the form of methylmercury, can affect the developing nervous system and might hamper children's later ability to learn, the agency said.