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Taking on Superbugs, Syphilis and Gonorrhoeae with Iodine

Time Magazine reported that this week marks one year since world leaders met at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City in 2016 and unanimously committed to tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The risks of not doing so were clear: a recent report estimated that if AMR continued to spread at its current rate, there would be up to 10 million deaths globally by 2050.

Changing Your Diet’s Better Than Drugs for Acid Reflux

If you’ve got acid reflux, you may come to dread the time of night when you are a couple of hours past eating dinner—that feeling of pain that arises in your chest or throat, sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation and bitter taste in your mouth. In fact, it’s that persistent discomfort after dining that probably caused you to visit the doctor for a prescription to get some relief. But you may want to get rid of those potentially deadly medications, because new research suggests alleviating your acid reflux may be as simple as improving your diet.

How the use of CBD oil triggers the end of chronic illness pain

If you suffer with a chronic illness – you may find the information (here) about CBD to be a great place to begin your journey back to optimal health. At first glance, the theory that some people suffer with pain due to a “deficiency” of cannabinoids – the psychoactive compounds in marijuana – could pass for a tongue-in-cheek witticism shared among cannabis enthusiasts. This is especially true in light of the suggested “remedy” of ingesting plant-based cannabinoids to correct the deficiency. Yet, scientific evidence supports the fact that this theory is no joke.

Dental amalgam fillings release MORE mercury when combined with WiFi exposure

Mercury, commonly used in dental amalgam fillings, is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. And, although the American Dental Association continues to insist that mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings are safe, natural health experts have long warned that micro-levels of this highly-toxic substance can be released into the body, with grave health consequences.


Make the Most of Melon Day

August 9th is Melon Day. This is a holiday you may not be familiar with, but one definitely worth celebrating. The holiday’s origins lie in Turkmenistan in central Asia, where the country’s fertile soils and delicious melons were highly prized, and back in 1994 a day was declared in their honor. But lucky for the rest of us, melons grow around the world in the United States, Europe, Africa, and beyond, so you don’t have to plan an exotic trip to get a taste of these delicious fruits.

Transient Smartphone Blindness

Old hands following me will know I see the future, clearly. I occasionally run a column I call “I told ‘Em!”, meaning I got there 10, 20, 30, years before everyone else.

Here’s another example, concerning transient smartphone blindness (TSB), a new clinical phenomenon that will likely cause great confusion and neurologic misdiagnosis in orthodox practice.


Natural Solutions Radio | September 23, 2017

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017
Eliezer Ben-Joseph

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How rosemary essential oil can improve memory by 75 percent

A familiar staple of spice racks and kitchen cabinets, rosemary is prized by cooks for the piquant flavor it lends to recipes. However, recent research shows that this common culinary herb provides some uncommon benefits when it comes to cognitive function and recall. In a British study, researchers found that sniffing the essential oil of rosemary improved memory by a remarkable 75 percent – making it a possible treatment for memory problems.

Start Checking More Than Moles

Now that summer has come and gone, you may be packing away your beach supplies and starting to shop for sweaters and boots. But before you switch gears completely to a fall mindset, give your skin a thorough examination after summer’s extra sun exposure. And while we all are aware of the necessity of checking our moles for changes that might signal the possibility of cancer, new research suggests that we need to be much more conscious of any changes to the rest of our skin if we want to catch any developing melanomas at an early stage.


Let Me Tell You How Liberty Dies… (Or Does It?)

Read original article at The Bolen Report

The “Deep State” is Losing the Information War with the American Public, and They Don’t Like It.

So, They Have Something Up Their Sleeves…

Let’s get ready..

Opinion by KP Stoller, MD,

I don’t know how it is going to happen, but it will be predictably formulaic, because “they” are predictably formulaic.

Who are “they?” The “Deep State“ and the mega-corporations and banks they work with.