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Wake-Up, People! Alt-Left, Alt-Right Run by the Same Forces…The Goal is “Divide and Conquer”

We’re all being played. The so-called “Alt-Left” and “Alt-Right” are all rooted in elaborate, deadly street theaterbeing played out on the national stage with real consequences (such as killing innocents on camera).

Questions and Answers about WHFoods Healthiest Way of Eating:

How do we approach serving sizes at WHFoods?

Should I restrict my intake of naturally occurring sugars (like the sugar in fruits), or is it only added sugars that can cause problems? Healthy Eating is the World's Healthiest Foods Way of Eating

Most people think that eating healthy is difficult and that it also means sacrificing taste. This is a misconception, which we believe we can dispel here at World's Healthiest Foods as we show you the World's Healthiest Food Way of Eating that is not only highly nutritious but tastes great!

Vitamin B May Protect Against Alzheimer’s, Say Researchers

B vitamins may slow brain shrinkage by as much as seven-fold in brain regions specifically known to be most impacted by Alzheimer’s disease

High levels of the amino acid homocysteine are linked to brain shrinkage and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s; B vitamins are known to suppress homocysteine Among participants taking high doses of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12, blood levels of homocysteine were lowered as was the associated brain shrinkage – by up to 90 percent

Not Just Autism, Major Yale Study Shows Vaccines Tied To Multiple Brain Disorders

For the last 50 years, the world has taken a front row seat to the phenomenological occurrences of the rise of brain disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and major depressive disorders. Anecdotally speaking, parents all over the globe have reported that one day their children were normal and growing healthily, and the next, after having gotten their vaccinations, they get Autism, or ADHD, for example.

Brain Maker Foods

An explosion of yogurt brands has taken over the dairy section lately, but you have to be careful about which brands to buy; many of them—both Greek and regular—are loaded with added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors. Read your labels. For people sensitive to dairy, coconut yogurt is an excellent dairy-free way to work plenty of enzymes and probiotics into your diet.

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Traced Back to Vaccine Failure

The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is included as a component in “combination” shots that include tetanus and diphtheria (DPT, DTaP, Tdap) and some pertussis-containing shots now also include polio, hepatitis B and/or Haemophilus Influenza B (Hib). Whole cell pertussis vaccines in DPT, used in the U.S. from 1949 until the late ‘90s, were estimated to be between 30 and 85 percent effective, depending upon the type of DPT and vaccine manufacturer, with protection lasting only two to five years. [1]

Another Mass Shooting, Another Psychiatric Drug—27 Drug Warnings and 1,531 Cases of Drug Related Shootings

The drug Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was prescribed, Valium, is a benzodiazepine documented by several studies to cause violence, aggression, homicidal ideation and suicide risk or attempts. New court records obtained by CNN indicate Paddock had been prescribed the drug as far back as 2013

Is This Medically Kidnapped Girl in Atlanta Being Murdered for Medical Research Due to Rare Genetic Disorder?

Since this story went to press, Health Impact News has learned that Nhyariah is still being given doses of morphine, against her mother’s wishes. Jasmin Mack spoke with someone at the hospital who confided to her that the records show that she was given a dose of morphine yesterday, even while the staff has been telling her that they stopped it when she made the request Saturday.

She was told that Nhyariah’s heart is still declining, but the last echocardiogram on her heart was done on September 28. So how do they know?

New Flu Vaccine Made with Armyworms and Insects Claims to be “Pure”

Armyworm larvae vary in color from dark greenish-brown to black. This varacious feeder is an agricultrue pest. Flublok is considered by researchers to be “highly pure” because it is manufactured without preservatives, antibiotics, etc.; however, its purity is questionable given that it is produced using insect and armyworm cell proteins.

Armyworms Used to Make Flublok Influenza Vaccine


What are Leaky Gut Disorders? How to Heal Them

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek doctor, is often quoted as saying,

All disease begins in the gut.

This includes many diseases not currently associated (by modern medical practitioners) with gastrointestinal (GI) tract issues, although there is a small contingent of progressive practitioners who are recognizing this phenomenon.