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Let Me Tell You How Liberty Dies… (Or Does It?)

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The “Deep State” is Losing the Information War with the American Public, and They Don’t Like It.

So, They Have Something Up Their Sleeves…

Let’s get ready..

Opinion by KP Stoller, MD,

I don’t know how it is going to happen, but it will be predictably formulaic, because “they” are predictably formulaic.

Who are “they?” The “Deep State“ and the mega-corporations and banks they work with.

“The “Deep State” is Nervous…

The pressure of the population waking up and questioning, for example, the safety of vaccines, the undeniable proof they have been used as sterilization tools, the exposure of corruption at the CDC and other agencies poorly covering up the vaccine-autism link, the unexpected popularity of the movie about Andy Wakefield (The Pathological Optimist [yet to be released in present time – 2017]) caused the Deep State to pull the lever on their plan.

… of course it was more than just the public waking up about vaccines..

The public is waking up about everything… the pedophile rings at the highest levels of government and other trusted institutions; the true instigators of the several coups we have experienced from the Kennedy assignation to 9/11. The unholy alliances with murderous dictators, the drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and worse.

Too many citizens becoming way too savvy about, for example, the perpetual war machine to control resources in other countries and silence anyone who would interfere with globalist economic interests. The American people were getting to the point where they weren’t willing to pay for and die in another faux conflict for the benefit of corporations and the military-industrial complex. Americans became fed up with their pesticide drenched foods, the BS from the Main Stream Media (MSM) was seen as the fraudulent news it was – all the corruption…it was unraveling fast and “they” were losing control. So, “they” needed to pull something again.

The Coming “Scare” Will Be Medical…

The Medical Cartel is akin to the enforcement arm of the elite globalist faction among us. This coming infectious disease scare (this will all be about fear) doesn’t even have to be some exotic disease… perhaps something we already have a vaccine for.. in fact, it really needs to be something we already have a vaccine for so the unvaccinated can be blamed.

For the sake of speculation I will pick Mumps, still “they” could unleash an Ebola level event… these folks love the drama and they haven’t had any at this level since they demolished the WTC buildings with the assistance of a couple of foreign governments. But it is hard to vilify the unvaccinated if it is some exotic disease for which there has been no vaccine.

Mumps is an illness that never really required a vaccine from a Public Health POV, but by combining the Mumps vaccine to the MMR, Merck locked in an exclusive right to sell this vaccine. The only problem is the Mumps component of the vaccine is next to worthless – it doesn’t work. So, vaccinated or not, in all likelihood most people born after 1960 are vulnerable to infection, and so it will begin.

The false-flag Mexican Swine flu epidemic, where a lab created virus was released in a slum in Mexico City, was either a big disappointment and/or a dry-run that allowed lessons to be learned from mistakes made. Now, why didn’t anyone ask what a lab created virus was doing in a Mexico City slum? – no Congressional hearings on that one. Their attempt to scare us with Zika was a really big flop. They will not make this mistake again. The citizens of the World found out fairly quickly that the pocket of mothers in Brazil that gave birth to children with microcephaly were heavily vaccinated with DTP while pregnant and while drinking larvicide laden tap water at the same time.

This new infectious disease outbreak will start like so many other outbreaks, that is, at a few college campuses, but this one will spread fast and big… multiple states and thousands upon thousands of cases. Public outrage against the unvaccinated will be fomented to the point of societal unrest. Hired thugs and trolls will go after the unvaccinated and it will appear to be spontaneous reactions by concerned citizens that just want public health measures to be carried out. There may even be protests and even riots but Police will be given orders to stand down to allow for maximum mayhem. The whole thing staged and controlled to justify the actions that will be taken next.

We are so easily manipulated – it has always been the Achilles Heal of Americans…. so trusting of all the wrong people, so willing to drink the fluoridated water (so to speak), and so unwilling to question authority and hold those with responsibility responsible, but now it will be too late for any of that. We collectively created what will go down in the near future…. yeah, our silence as a generation of children became brain damaged from pesticides and vaccines… good job…we had every opportunity to demand accountability….but your kid wasn’t vaccine injured so what did you care?

Do you have any idea how empowered the Deep State is.. they know they can fire a missile into the Pentagon and tell you right to your face that it was hit by a 757 even though anyone could see that was not what happened… and we all did nothing. Well, now we will all find out what happens when we allow that kind of foolishness stand.

Medical Marshall law will be declared and the FEMA Quarantine camps will be opened for those unwilling to get vaccinated for their own protection of course. Yes, President Trump did put a hold on that Obama executive order he signed-off on just before leaving office, but if the “Deep State” has their way President Trump will have left office already when this goes down – he will have left by hook or by crook, not even to finish his first term – but I digress.

But since I did mention Obama…. he sure did know how to play the Deep State game…. No, he wasn’t going to be Kennedyified…. no way he was going to martyr himself. His goal was to be the first black POTUS and live to tell the tale and that is just what he did, but he played along with the Deep State to the last moment of his term as POTUS. Yes he did, and now we will all live in a tyrannical corporate totalitarian country. Not all his fault – he just didn’t want to die or have his family killed off.

With FEMA camps activated, Governor’s will sign emergency orders. All citizens will be ordered to get ALL vaccines… not just the worthless Mumps vaccine, not just the MMR, all of them even the HPV vaccine. No children’s behinds will be left (un-jabbed)… but this will be all vaccines for all ages from 9 minutes old to 99 years…. everyone will be ordered to comply or be arrested. There will be no medical exemptions for anyone or any reason for any purpose.

All untoward reactions to this vaccine extravaganza will be suppressed – the body bags they were hoping to use for the Mexican Swine Flu epidemic will finally come out of storage. Good to know our tax dollars won’t be wasted after all. Some people will simply not survive the barrage of vaccines and will fill those bags but you won’t hear about them, and hundreds of thousands will develop illnesses and infirmities that will last them the rest of their lives however long that happens to be.

I wish this was going to take place in some far-off dystopic future well past the end of my lifetime….but alas, it is coming soon.. real soon.

Or is it? Maybe we are NOW too smart, and too strong, for them?

One can always hope. It seems only hope is left.