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Eating Tomatoes Could Slash Your Skin Cancer Risk In Half

Anyone worrying about skin cancer may benefit from eating a diet rich in antioxidants containing tomatoes as these can naturally boost your skin’s levels of sun protection.

According to a new study by Ohio State University, daily tomato consumption can ‘slash skin cancer tumor development by as much as 50 per cent’.

The study published in Scientific Reports discovered that male mice fed a diet of ten per cent tomato powder each day over a course of 35 weeks had a 50% reduction in skin cancer tumors.

This was compared with mice who didn’t eat any dehydrated tomato, after being exposed to ultraviolet light. However, the same effects were not seen in the female mice in the study.

Scientists believe that carotenoids in tomatoes are responsible for the protective effect against UV light damage in male mice. Carotenoids are pigment compounds that give tomatoes their red color.

Past studies have shown that these compounds are deposited into human skin after being eaten. Previous human trials have also shown that consuming tomato paste can help to dampen sunburns.

Lycopene is the most effective antioxidant, although other compounds are believed to play a role because synthesized lycopene supplements don’t prevent redness following UV exposure, along with consuming the whole of the tomato in the previous study.

The study is interesting as it heightens the bioavailability of lycopene – whereas the lycopene found in raw tomatoes is found in a form that isn’t as easy for the body to use.

Tomatoes Have Protective Benefits Against Cancer

You can reduce your risk of several kinds of cancer, along with skin cancer by eating organic tomatoes. One of the main benefits is protection against prostate cancer.

One study found that eating tomato based products such as tomato sauce at least twice a week can reduce the risk of men having prostate cancer by as much as 34 per cent. Tomatoes were also shown to reduce breast, larynx, lung, pharynx and mouth cancer.

In Mediterranean countries such as Italy where tomatoes are consumed regularly, people who ate at least several servings of raw tomatoes every week were found to have 60 per cent lower risk of cancer, especially in the digestive tract.

Alongside eating more tomatoes, you may want to consider any of the supplements in the ‘Recommended Examples’ below to promote good cellular health in the long-term.

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