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Hill City Acupuncture And Herbs Opens On Frazier Street

Hill City Acupuncture and Herbs is a small clinic on Frazier Street. The clinic offers Acupuncture Treatments and Chinese Herbal Consultations.

All services are performed by Susan Fox who received her master's in Chinese Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She moved to Chattanooga in May following internships at TCM Municipal Hospital, and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing, China.
Officials said, "Hill City Acupuncture and Herbs specializes in the treatments of disorders and diseases that often fall through the cracks in western medicine. Though western medicine is great medicine, it simply doesn’t have the answers to treat some diseases. Ms. Fox has had great success with treating such difficult disorders and diseases as IBS, Chronic Interstitial Cystitis, Vasalvagal syndrome, and Bell’s Palsey."

Initial Acupuncture treatments are $70 and $65 after that. Acupuncture treatments last between 1.5-1.75 hours and can be scheduled online at