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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate
Common Cold and Influenza Virus

     Though we know by now that sodium bicarbonate is a most useful medicine for the treatment of cancer and kidney disease and have always known its good for stomach acid imbalances and for cleaning our pools and refrigerators it is not likely we have thought about it to help resolve our common colds nor to alleviate they symptoms and dangers of influenza. Medicine does not have to be complicated and mysterious nor do we have to lay still and be run over by the Hun Hordes of Influenza viruses that the health authorities want us to be so frightened of.

     Dr. Volney S. Cheney reported1 long ago that, “A number of cases of colds of varying severity were carefully studied in the laboratory. Observation was made as to the degree of acidity of the urine; the CO2, combining power of the blood as an indicator of the alkaline reserve; tests were also made to determine the calcium content of the blood, the sugar content; non-protein nitrogen and the basal metabolism. The urine invariably carried a higher degree of acidity than the normal-in some cases as high as 800 (normal 350); the CO2 combining power of the blood in all cases was low, the highest being 52 per cent; the sugar content of the blood was generally decreased (below 100 mg. per 100 c.c.); the metabolic rate was always on the minus side. (These cases were carefully selected because of their lack of any symptoms of disturbed thyroid activity.) There is a change in the blood chemistry and, consequently, there must be a change in the tissues supplied by the blood. There is a decrease in the bicarbonates or reserve bases contained in the blood plasma and the tissues. These findings seem to point the way to the conclusion that a cold is a disturbance of the alkaline balance or reserve, in other words, a mild acidosis, or perhaps better stated, a lessening of the "buffer" action of the blood plasma through a decrease in its bicarbonate content.”

     After doing his experiments, Dr. Cheney reported: “I have been able to induce all the symptoms of a cold, in varying degree from a simple coryza to that of la grippe and the "flu," by the induction of an artificial acidosis through the administration of ammonium and calcium chlorides. The degree of severity of the symptoms was in direct ratio to the degree of acidosis induced. In the severer degree of acidosis, all the classical symptoms of the "flu" were present, even including a low degree of fever. The symptoms rapidly subsided upon the administration of sodium bicarbonate in large doses by mouth and by rectum.

     Let's talk about your refrigerator. Go home, unplug your refrigerator, and find out what happens. Now remember that before you unplugged that fridge there was no mold, no bad bacteria, and no bugs. By pulling the plug you change the environment. Watch what happens. Your food will start to break down through fermentation and then putrefaction. Things start growing and crawling around. Where did they come from? You know that they didn't sneak in. The door was closed. They were always there. It is just that they have gone through metamorphosis and they have changed due to an environmental shift - in other words “a drop in pH”.
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Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

     Special Note: Please note that we have officially opened up our new site on sodium bicarbonate ( ) though it is still under construction as we renovate our entire system of sites. Please feel free to leave your testimonials on the bottom of any of the pages as they now all support comments. Sodium bicarbonate is an exceptionally important universal medicine though like magnesium chloride and iodine there are people warning people away from its use.