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How to Help a Friend to Quit

After a smoker friend has expressed a desire to quit, then you can spring to action in your role as supporter and cheerleader. A smoker¢s friends and family will be an invaluable part of them giving up smoking.

The first thing that you will need to do is ask your friend how you can help. This will be different for everyone. Some people may need someone to talk to, others will need you to help them stay accountable. However, yelling at them or berating them if they backslide will not be helpful. In fact, this might make matters worse and they may simply sneak and smoke when you are not around, which is not helpful.

Understand that the first week or two, your friend will need more support then ever. This is typically the most difficult time of quitting. It will be incredibly tempting to give up and begin smoking again. During this time, your friend may need to talk to you more or ask you to partake in some types of activities with them in order to help keep their mind off of smoking, especially if something stressful comes up. During this time, you can be of assistance by just being there or providing them with small gifts or rewards, or to help them celebrate quitting milestones.

Many people who try to quit smoking will go back within three months. Therefore, you will need to be especially encouraging during this time, especially if they have a relapse.

Smoking cigarettes is incredibly addictive, both physically and psychologically. When a person decides that they want to quit, this is an incredibly courageous and difficult move. Having supportive friends can make this process much more bearable and successful. You can help your friends by being supportive, encouraging them and by keeping their spirits up even if they backslide and start smoking again. Remember to never be preachy or judgmental, but instead encourage them for taking the steps toward getting over their addiction.

Many smokers will try to quit smoking numerous times before they are able to finally quit. So if your friend stops and starts, don¢t give up on then. Instead, as long as they are committed to stop smoking, make sure that you are committed to being supportive and encouraging. is a helpful Quit Smoking Guide for all smokers who want to quit. Read various articles about the harmfull effects of smoking and the most effective Quit Smoking Tips and methods for an easy smoking cessation.