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How to kill Candida and balance gut flora in a week

By Edwards: (NaturalNews) People that suffer from an overabundance of yeast like Candida, or any other type of fungal infection, need to cut out sugars. This protocol has worked for many people, and it works faster and better than any medication as long as the diet is right, refined sugars are not ingested, and the body is not filled with toxic pharmaceuticals. This includes vaccines. Vaccinations have toxins in them that kill gut flora and weaken the immune system.

A Few Things to Know

Candida albicans - The foundation of illness

By Edwards:(NaturalNews) The most common fungus to negatively affect humans, Candida albicans, primarily colonizes the skin and the mucosal membranes of the mouth, genitals, and digestive tract. There are also a few other types of Candida that can impact our health as well; all strains respond well to naturopathic treatment.