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Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer - and lives!

Maybe you've seen those commercials where a doctor is working on a construction crew, then it shows the construction worker in the pharmacy looking for the right medicine, telling you not to do your doctor's job because you wouldn't want him doing yours.

400 shades of lipstick found to contain lead, FDA says

A recent federal analysis showing that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained trace amounts of lead has exacerbated an ongoing dispute between regulators and consumer activists over how much lead is safe in cosmetics.

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost 'efficacy' of vaccines

Remember when it was considered crazy talk to suggest that mainstream medicine viewed humanity as being born lacking in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, as if these synthetic inputs are necessary miracle nutrients for proper human development?

Study: Nearly all women with breast cancer have parabens in their breast tissue

They are added to everything from shampoos and deodorants to processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs in order to inexpensively extend shelf life and improve product stability.