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Go Mediterranean after menopause: Good for more than your heart, the diet is linked to better bone density and higher muscle mass

Keep your bones strong and healthy even after menopause by eating a Mediterranean diet.

Cologne Imam: Girls Were Raped Because They Were Half Naked And Wore Perfume

Oliver Lane, 19 Jan 2016
Warning women against “adding fuel to the fire”, the Imam of a Salafist Cologne mosque has said the victims of the New Year’s Eve attacks in that city were themselves responsible for their sex assault, by dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume.

5 Questions to Stop Asking Wheelchair Users Immediately (and What to Ask Instead)

Karin Hitselberger, 10/29/2015
It seems like almost every day I am faced with an awkward encounter with a stranger, whether it be in a coffee shop, the mall, or even on the Internet -- and more likely than not, that awkward encounter centers around questions about my disability, or how I live my life as a disabled person.

Jewish Businessman Rescuing Yazidi and Christian Women from ISIS

Taking a personal example from Oskar Schindler, who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust has overseen the rescue of more than 120 Christian and Yazidi girls kidnapped by ISIS in northern Iraq.

Some women buying used pregnancy tests to entrap men

An unmarried and undecided man is on his way home when he receives a phone call from his girlfriend. They've been dating on and off for many months now; she wants a commitment. He's undecided. When he hears her voice come through the line, it's unsteady, but giddy with excitement. For a month now, she has thought of ways to make him want a more committed relationship -- hoping he'd propose. Instead, he's been nonchalant.