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EXCLUSIVE: Hijacked by pro-vaccine troll Dr. David Gorski, Wikipedia publishes deceitful entry on VAXXED documentary

Julie Wilson, March 17 2016
This story has been updated to include Dr. David Gorski's username on Wikipedia

Top 6 things Wikipedia health editors have told me since announcing the book that challenges Wiki bias

By Bundrant: (NaturalNews) Since launching a Kickstarter campaign that challenges the bias on Wikipedia toward alternative health, I've received some shocking emails from Wikipedia health editors.

Of course, the emails are off the record. None of these editors want to run the risk of being banned or further stonewalled in Wikipedia editing circles. However, their comments and confessions paint a picture of what life is like inside the "encyclopedia of the people."

Initial outpouring of support for Kickstarter campaign that challenges bias on Wikipedia

(NaturalNews) I want to thank readers of Natural News for your support of our Kickstarter campaign.

After the first day and a half, we had 140+ backers and $6,000 dollars pledged for Unbiased: The Truth About the Healing Arts on Wikipedia.

And we are also getting some backlash from the "scientific" community. It seems that some feathers are being ruffled. This makes sense. The existence of a book that legitimately challenges the authenticity of the sixth most popular website in the world is a gust of wind that threatens an intellectual house of cards.