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whole grains

Whole grains can increase your lifespan, decrease diabetes, heart disease risk and more

By Devon: (NaturalNews) From every angle, the general population is starving, in desperate need of more than just food and empty, nutritionless calories. The supermarkets are full of empty-calorie food products that have been stripped of their nutrition. The void is real. It can be seen in the people's faces, passing by one another in the grocery aisles with blank stares. The nutrition just isn't there. It's hard to come by. You have to know where to look. For the most part, today's grains are commercially stripped of their nutrition, refined down to starchy remains.

Easy ways to eat more whole grains

For those who are used to white bread and donuts, switching over to whole grains could come as a challenge. But eating whole grains has many health benefits and can help with management of both weight and cholesterol levels. So how do you go about eating more whole grains? The process starts by identifying what you are currently eating that is not a whole grain and finding whole grains you like to eat instead.

Wonderful Grains!

It’s the time of year where we get to enjoy the holiday season! In some areas it’s getting cooler and cooler Brrrr! It's a great time to enjoy eating more hot cereal, soups and stews made with whole grains. We have such a wonderful variety available to us, now more than ever before. I love them all. They are so full of nutrition and necessary for a healthy body. Many diets want people to eliminate grains.