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Whole Foods

Whole Foods under fire from angry vendors as retail “racket” snubs small-scale manufacturers

Whole Foods Market claims to be part of an “interdependent business ecosystem,” dependent on the many thousands of suppliers it says it views as allies.

Whole Foods Says It’ll Lower Prices, But At A Cost

This move on value could undermine the very identity that is Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Market, also known as the place where you can spend your entire life savings on a couple of bags of groceries, is working on cutting its prices ― but that could affect the number of products it stocks on its shelves. This is a big shift for the company, which just a couple of years ago admitted to overcharging its customers.


BETRAYED! Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just plowed right through American food consumers like the terrorist truck rampage in France (op ed)

(NaturalNews) By now we're all sadly aware of the terror atrocity in Nice, France that took the lives of at least 80 people. The attack was insane and horrific, and my prayers go out to all those affected by the senseless violence. Yet it isn't just ISIS terrorists who are destroying lives in our world, and it's not just trucks that damage our bodies and cause pain and suffering. The number of lives ripped from our world by the horrific attack on innocent people in France pales in comparison to what Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just did to 300+ million people in America as you'll learn below...

Whole Foods goes 'full mafia' on 70-year-old woman, muscles her into back room for interrogation after innocent cheese checkout mistake

Mike Adams, October 13, 2015
Whole Foods, the same retailer that sells lead-contaminated organic rice protein and whose store shelves are still lined with unlabeled GMOs

Your vitamins: Are they really beneficial or just a placebo effect?

By Ricci: (NaturalNews) The two main reasons why people do not get health and stay healthy are (1) internal toxicity and (2) nutritional deficiency. Many people (especially in our fast-paced Western culture) know they should be getting the nutrients that they need, but they don't want to change their eating habits or lifestyle so they buy vitamin supplements as the quick solution. But do the kinds of vitamins they are consuming really offer a solution to their body's nutritional deficiency or could it potentially add to their body's toxicity problem?

The best natural sources of protein

By Ravensthorpe: (NaturalNews) Protein is the name given to a group of large, complex molecules that form the basis of tissues in living organisms. These groups, which consist of one or more long chains of amino acid residues, perform a huge number of essential roles in our bodies, including aiding the growth and repair of cells, maintaining immune function and much more.

Why whole food nutrition is superior and the little known reason you need it daily

By Henry: (NaturalNews)

In a world ruled by tainted science that has largely aborted logic with its empirical evidence that is contrary to pre-held views or previously defined outcomes, it is a breath of fresh air to listen to the words of a wise man rooted in common sense. Dr. Max Gerson was not only a genius and a humanitarian, he was a man ahead of his time, bent on helping people overcome all kinds of diseases, most notably, cancer.

Whole Foods employees caught on video beating veteran outside retail store

By Barker: (NaturalNews) A video that appears to show a man being beaten by several employees at Manhattan's Union Square Whole Foods Market has gone viral after being featured on the LiveLeak website.

In the five-minute video, a man identified only as "Adam" can be seen repeatedly trying to enter the Whole Foods Market on the night of Dec. 30, apparently after hours, while employees and security personnel forcibly prevent him from doing so. The employees can also be seen beating him up, even after he has been pushed to the pavement.