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Watch Your Weight in Your 20s to Decrease Cancer Risk

You may not have been an athletic kid, and that’s fine. Playing sports after school is not for everyone. But if you instead spent your time sitting on a couch with friends watching television or battling it out in video games, you might have put on pounds over time. While being a little overweight may not seem like a huge deal to you in young adulthood, your best course of action is to make the effort to shed your excess weight now. Not only does it become harder to do as you age, but there are major health benefits involved.

Timing of meals influences weight loss as much as total calories consumed

Virtually all western cultures are presently fighting an obesity epidemic, as processed convenience foods dominate total calories consumed. Homemade meals that include fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein sources have become a rare event over the past half century, placing the health of millions at risk. Most people are aware that the total number of calories eaten and physical activity play an important role in weight management, but new research is beginning to demonstrate that the timing of meals and types of foods consumed may help prompt weight loss as much as the actual calories eaten.