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Does Smelling Food Make You Fat?

People who complain that they only have to smell food to gain weight may be right. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that obese mice who lost their sense of smell also lost weight. That part of the study was no surprise. But the strange part of the study found that mice that retained their sense of smell ballooned to twice their normal weight by eating the same amount of fatty food as the mice with no sense of smell.


Here's EXACTLY what whole wheat bread, milk, sugar, and vegetable oil does to the cells of your body (also discover why it's NOT your fault you've struggled to lose your belly fat)

Mike Geary, Decmeber 28, 2015
These foods, commonly called “healthy” by experts, the media, and even the government, are actually silently harming the health of you and your family.

Efforts To Lose Weight Stalled By Stored Fat, Scientists Discover: The Gene Getting In People's Way

Samantha Olson, Nov 29, 2015
Cravings, stress, and laziness (hey, us too) can all influence weight gain, but what about your genes? A new study from the University of Cambridge has found a gene that triggers the body to store fat, and as a result, this stored fat makes it harder for people to lose weight.

6 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Joel Fuhrman, 12/2015
People talk about the ‘Freshman 15’ – which is the weight gain associated with starting college -- but what about the ‘Holiday 10?’ I am talking about the potential pounds you can gain from overindulging during holiday celebrations.

Hunger is Not the Enemy of Diabetes

David Mendosa, December 04, 2014
Hunger can be a big problem when we try to lose weight. But, some weight loss strategies cause less hunger than others, and we can actually use whatever hunger we have to work for us when we decide to eat less. - See more at:

Mind over matter: Sense of power tied to perception of objects' weight

We've all heard the saying "mind over matter." Well that may be an extremely appropriate adage. Recent research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that the more powerless a person feels socially and personally, the heavier physical objects may appear to them! For individuals who feel powerless, physically challenging tasks appear more difficult compared to people with a greater sense of power.

A Tasty Way To Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol.

New research shows a high-calorie breakfast not only helps weight loss, but it also might protect against diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular problems.

Health Basics - Stop smoking without gaining weight

Once you understand how a chemical addiction drains nutrients from your body and feeds a vicious cycle, then you can learn behavior modification which enables you to replace bad habits with good habits (routines) that replenish a severely depleted system with nutrition and Superfoods. There are many programs and gimmicks being sold which rarely help people quit cigarettes for good, and there are also many smokers who quit smoking, only to find themselves putting on weight and wrecking their health even more. This is because nicotine acts as a depressant in the long run, and quitting cold turkey can lead to bad eating habits, even worse ones than most smokers have during their pack-a-day, two-packs-a-day, and even three-packs-a-day habit.