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Water Pollution

What tiny plastic particles are doing to tiny fish

Yet another study is adding to scientists’ growing suspicions that tiny bits of plastic in the ocean are causing big environmental problems. A paper published Thursday in the journal Science suggests that microplastics — small plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in diameter — could be hurting the survival of European perch, and likely other species as well.

Californians disgusted by stinky black tap water; officials tell them to drink it anyway

By Barker: (NaturalNews) Residents of a Southern California neighborhood are concerned about the fact that the water flowing out of the taps in their homes is the color black. That's right; the water coming out of their faucets is indeed black -- not gray, not cloudy -- but black. Inky, opaque black water that the water company says is okay to drink.

Plastic microfiber pollution threatens Great Lakes environment

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) Abandoning the use of plastic in clothing, as well as a number of other consumer products, may be the key to reducing environmental pollution caused by microscopic bits of plastic, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

1872 law allows open-pit mine in Arizona; mining expected to devastate local environment and health

By Heyes:(NaturalNews) A 142-year-old law could pave the way for new mining operations in a region of Arizona once known to support silver and manganese extraction a century ago, despite concerns from locals and activist groups about the potential for environmental damage.

New Wisconsin study on viruses in drinking water could have national impact Read more:

A Wisconsin study that shows a connection between viruses in drinking water and human illness is likely to have a national impact and could eventually lead to federal rules requiring treatment of all public water systems, according to experts.