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Vitamin E

Vitamin E may help prevent cancer in men and women with genetic disorder

The September 15, 2012 issue of Clinical Cancer Research published an article that describes research conducted at the Cleveland Clinic which suggests a protective effect for vitamin E in individuals with Cowden Syndrome, a genetic disorder that increases the risk of developing cancer. Patients with the syndrome have a 35 percent lifetime risk of developing epithelial thyroid cancer, and women have an 85 percent risk of breast cancer.

Coenzyme Q(10), vitamin E, selenium, methionine help human papillomavirus skin warts

A nutrition supplement made of Coenzyme Q(10), vitamin E, selenium and methionine helps treat chronic recurrent viral mucocutaneous infections like human papillomavirus skin warts, according to a study in the journal Nutrition.

Vitamin E found to significantly lower risk of developing liver cancer Learn more:

Worldwide cases of liver cancer are on the rise, as the third most common form of cancer takes the lives of millions around the globe each year.

Vitamin E Does Not Cause Prostate Cancer

In our last newsletter, I talked about how hysteria sells news. I also specifically mentioned a recent study that "proved" that "Vitamin Pills Are Useless.1" Or at least that's what the mainstream media trumpeted in headline after headline.