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Vitamin D

The Key Vitamin to Use with Vitamin D to Help Reduce Osteoporosis by 25 Percent


You may be aware that vitamin D and calcium are a powerful duo for bone health, including the prevention of osteoporosis. One of the undisputed benefits of vitamin D is that it helps you ABSORB calcium – this link has been known for many decades.

Water Fluoridation Persists Despite Being Unhealthy for Infants

Recently, the Senate has taken up an issue that may actually benefit the general public – this time specifically, it’s regarding the mass medication that is omnipresent in everyone’s water supply, sodium fluoride.

Vitamin D Newsletter; The difference between two "normals"

n a paper the press ignored, well-respected researchers from three different hospitals on the east coast recently reported on high blood calcium levels in three infants and toddlers with rickets who were given vitamin D.