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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Newsletter; The difference between two "normals"

n a paper the press ignored, well-respected researchers from three different hospitals on the east coast recently reported on high blood calcium levels in three infants and toddlers with rickets who were given vitamin D.

Scientists Start To Grasp How Vitamin D Fights Cancer And Arthritis | Easy Health Options™

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because medical experts are discovering how prevalent deficiency in the nutrient is among Americans. Many of these reports stress the importance of vitamin D in maintaining overall health, but few explain just what the vitamin does in the body.

Infant heart failure and vitamin D supplementation

Heart failure is a condition where the body can’t pump enough blood to meet the needs of its body. When we think of heart failure, we think of older persons whose heart has worn out, not 4-month-old infants.

Experts prescribe massive increase of vitamin D

A move to feed pregnant and nursing women 10 times more vitamin D than they get today may still not be enough to protect their babies from chronic diseases, especially in obese women, a top expert says.