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Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Polio

As if the Cuban missile crisis wasn't enough, I had even more to be worried about as a child at the turn of the1960's. When all of us in first grade had been told that we were to be vaccinated against polio, I for one didn't want to go near the school on that day. Regardless of my fear of needles, I had no choice in the matter. So, like all the rest of the kids, I braced up, got in line, and marched down the tiled hallway to meet my fate. When I got to the school nurse's office, I was astounded to be handed a lump of sugar with a drop of something soaking into it. I was told to eat it. I did. Then I was told I could go. Escape without a shot? What a fantastic turn of events! Life could begin anew.

Vitamin C can kill every virus known to mankind

If you suffer from fatigue, muscle weakness, achy joints and muscles, bleeding gums or leg rashes – you could be vitamin C deficient. Everything from the common cold to cancer can’t resist the healing power of vitamin C. In fact, there is not a known virus that can survive in the presence of this essential antioxidant.


Matters of the heart are risky. Even the fittest person needs to take good care of the heart because cardiovascular disease is almost like an animal on prowl. A little negligence and you could end up suffering from it. Hypertension is often the beginning of this dilemma. In fact, research has proved that one doesn’t even need to be a victim of hypertension to be affected by bad cardiovascular health. Even a spike in blood pressure could render a person susceptible. And considering almost 30% of adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure, it is even more alarming. But there’s good news for anyone that’s likely to be at the receiving end. In short, Vitamin C.

Vitamin C plus zinc supplements fight common cold

It is amazing that researchers from a major drug company reported two trials in The Journal of International Medical Research that demonstrated that taking vitamin C plus zinc supplements helps relieve the common cold symptoms and reduce the illness duration.

Vitamin C deficiency accelerates bone loss

It has been already known that vitamin C is an antioxidant and it may even be able to cure certain cancers when the vitamin is IV injected in humans (some alternative physicians use vitamin C to treat cancer). But a new study in International Journal of Experimental Pathology suggests that vitamin C can also help maintain bone health.

Liposomal Vitamin C targets cancer cells

We know vitamin C is used intravenously in alternative clinics to help eradicate cancer. The fact that oral vitamin C doesn’t offer the same results is also known. But, what is not well known is a specially designed vitamin C delivery system that you can buy or prepare at home – which offers similar benefits to intravenous, vitamin C therapy.


The recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, of vitamin C is less than half what it should be, scientists argue in a recent report, because medical experts insist on evaluating this natural, but critical nutrient in the same way they do pharmaceutical drugs and reach faulty conclusions as a result.