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Vitamin C

Vitamin C shown to annihilate cancer

By Padilla: (NaturalNews) Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant and is commonly used to fight off a cold. Recent studies have cast a much brighter light on this underrated and extremely necessary vitamin. Researchers from the University of Kansas found that high doses of intravenously supplied vitamin C effectively eradicates cancer cells in human subjects. Additionally, healthy cells are left intact.

Inexpensive possible cancer treatment may never reach patients

IV vitamin C therapy: A cancer perspective

By Landsman: (NaturalNews) Cancer patients need to understand the danger of vitamin C deficiencies - especially when looking to overcome a cancer diagnosis. In truth, most people suffering with any chronic degenerative disease are vitamin C deficient. Sadly, it's a fact that Western medicine refuses to recognize due to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

Vitamin C: Sunshine vitamin that regenerates your testosterone and other hormones

Sometimes called the 'sunshine vitamin' because it is found in high levels in citrus fruits, vitamin C has a uniquely regenerative role in hormone health and cancer prevention that has been overlooked for over twenty years!

Vitamin C protects plants from damaging sun rays

By PF Louis: (NaturalNews) Although biologists have known for a couple of decades that plants create vitamin C in their chloroplasts to protect them from excess sunlight, the mechanics of that process were unknown until recently. Plant chloroplasts use chlorophyll to convert light energy of the sun into sugars that can be used by its cells.

Vitamin C - Fruits and Vegetables with the highest concentrations (recipe)

By Sinclair: (NaturalNews) We've all had it drilled into us: citrus fruits are the source for vitamin C. But citrus fruits aren't the only source. They aren't even the best source! The amount of vitamin C in one serving of papaya, strawberries, pineapple, bell pepper, broccoli, or Brussels sprouts exceeds the amount of vitamin C in a medium orange.

Many fruits are high in vitamin C. Here is a list from The World's Healthiest Foods of the fruits and vegetables with 50% or more of the daily requirement of vitamin C in each serving.

Fruits Highest in Vitamin C

The Third Face of Vitamin C

Robert F. Cathcart, M.D. :ABSTRACT Bowel tolerance to orally ingested ascorbic acid increases with the toxicity of diseases. Bowel tolerance with a disease such as mononucleosis may reach 200 or more grams per 24 hours without it producing diarrhea. A marked clinical amelioration or cure is achieved in many disease processes when threshold doses near bowel tolerance are given. In a sense, it is the reducing equivalents carried by free radical scavengers that quench free radicals, not the free radical scavengers themselves.