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Vaccine World Summit

Dr. Suzanne Humphries exposes myths and lies behind vaccine research at the Vaccine World Summit

By Devon: (NaturalNews) If you haven't visited the first ever Vaccine World Summit, feel free to sign up now and start learning today! The online event, hosted by Jonathan Landsman of Natural Health 365, is a free learning portal that includes presentations from a variety of professionals who share important knowledge on diseases and vaccines. If you are a healthcare provider looking to improve your knowledge on infectious diseases, you have come to the right place.

Attend the FREE Vaccine World Summit to learn about vaccine issues from five esteemed doctors

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Five renowned physicians are planning a cost-free global online event to discuss a range of issues, legislation and other facets of vaccinations.

The event, appropriately named the Vaccine World Summit, will feature presentations from vaccine researchers, experts and medical professionals:

Dr. Robert Rowen reveals the raw truth about vaccines at the Vaccine World Summit

By Huff: (NaturalNews) Vaccine "science" as it's most typically presented to the public is a hollow house of cards propped up only by deception and lies. Ask any doctor out there to show you even just one all-cause morbidity and mortality study proving the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and you'll never get to see it, because such a study is nonexistent.

Dr. Jane Orient's medical perspective on mandatory vaccination at the Vaccine World Summit

By Benson: (NaturalNews) In an exclusive interview with host Jonathan Landsman, Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), provides fresh insights into the vaccine debate that you won't hear anywhere else -- especially from the mainstream media.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield reveals shocking news about MMR vaccine in the Vaccine World Summit audio series available now

By Benson: (NaturalNews) If you're a parent (or soon to be), you have a moral obligation to look out for the best interests of your child. And this includes making fully informed medical decisions about vaccinations that are based on science rather than media hype and fear-mongering. But what is the truth about vaccines?