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University of Cambridge

Never-before-seen galaxy spotted orbiting the Milky Way

Ken Croswell, 14 April 2016
The galaxy’s empire has a new colony. Astronomers have detected a dwarf galaxy orbiting the Milky Way whose span stretches farther than nearly all other Milky Way satellites. It may belong to a small group of galaxies that is falling into our own.

Efforts To Lose Weight Stalled By Stored Fat, Scientists Discover: The Gene Getting In People's Way

Samantha Olson, Nov 29, 2015
Cravings, stress, and laziness (hey, us too) can all influence weight gain, but what about your genes? A new study from the University of Cambridge has found a gene that triggers the body to store fat, and as a result, this stored fat makes it harder for people to lose weight.

University Of Cambridge Scientists Are Working To Quell Rise Of The Machines

Adnan Farooqui, 12/06/2015
Artificial intelligence has come a long way and still work continues to promote its use and development even though some big voices in the industry have voiced their concern about this technology.