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Where's the edge of the universe?

We all know that the universe is expanding, right? Well, if you weren't aware, now you are. We live in an expanding universe: Every galaxy is flying away from every other galaxy. This naturally leads to a common question: If the universe is expanding, what's it expanding into? More universe? Nothing? Something resembling a vague fog? Where's the edge of our cosmic soap bubble?

Why science needs to break the spell of reductive materialism

We all sense something deeply deficient in our modern civilization. Is it an absence of spirituality? Partly. A greedy materialism beyond what we really need? Yes, we are riding the tiger of late capitalism, where we make our living producing, selling and buying goods and services we often do not need on this finite planet. We cannot see ourselves, in part blinkered by unneeded scientism.

New Medicine & Sizing Up Scientific Baloney

ProfKeith, 12 April 2016
The storm of lies and controversy surrounding the movie called Vaxxed continues to howl in the night! It makes no bones about damage done to certain children by vaccines, especially MMR.

Universe Older Than Previously Thought

Europe's Planck spacecraft has obtained the most accurate and detailed map ever made of the oldest light in the universe. The map results suggest the universe is expanding more slowly than scientists thought, and is 13.8 billion years old, 100 million years older than previous estimates. The data also show there is less dark energy and more matter in the universe than previously known.

Twist in dark matter tale hints at shadow Milky Way

THE HUNT for some of the most wanted stuff in the universe took a new twist this week with the first results from a high-profile, space-based dark matter detector. The results are inconclusive, but, if combined with recent theory, they hint at something exciting. Could the universe have a dark side, complete with its own force, a zoo of particles and even a shadow version of the Milky Way?

"Higgs Boson Will Unlock Great Mysteries of the Universe" --Era of New Physics Looming

Physicists said Thursday the potential discovery of the "God particle" was a gateway to a new era that could see humanity unlock some of the universe's great mysteries including dark matter.

Was the discovery of Higgs boson actually the world's most successful experiment in the power of conscious intention?

The recent discovery of the Higgs particle -- the "God" particle -- will go down in the history of science as one of the greatest discoveries ever made.