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RED ALERT: We are all being set up… The gun grab is INTENDED to start a civil war, followed by UN occupation of America

You are watching one of the darkest chapters of history unfold by the hour

The UN scam that has got to be stopped

The UN’s existence is based on bringing peace and harmony between nations and keeping stability throughout the world.

In truth, the UN has become part of what may be the greatest human rights scam in the world.

What is the scam about – the treatment of women in Muslim countries.

The UN needs to not merely be a place for the nations to let off steam on one another, but a place for truth and justice to dominate.

This is the most assured way to make sure that the UN continues to be relevant in generations to come.


The United Nations Rolls Out ‘Advancements’ to Indoctrinate Every Student on the Planet – Agenda 2030

Quietly, the United Nations is rolling out advancements to its objective of undermining education as a whole, with the purpose of creating a single system for learning globally.

Sounds far fetched right? Well, meet the new Global Education Institute unveiled by the United Nations in South Korea. The education institute was named after former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and is designed to incorporate higher education with sustainable development. The reason being according to the United Nations it is an educated person that threatens Agenda 2030.


UN Lies about Measles to Promote Vaccines in Europe

The UN’s World Health Organization is falsely blaming people who refuse vaccinations for causing the current measles epidemic in Europe. WHO is focusing its campaign on Italy, where protesters are outraged at a new law mandating vaccination for children. The facts behind the propaganda are revealing: There are 3,300 cases of measles and two deaths; the pre-measles health of the two that died is not revealed; and deaths caused by the vaccines themselves is not discussed – such as infants who contract measles from the vaccine injected into their mothers. –GEG


Mass Sterilization Campaign: UN Laces Tetanus Vaccine With Drug to Cause Miscarriages

Some potentially disturbing news out of Kenya: A statement signed by the 27 bishops of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops alleges that the World Health Organization and UNICEF are injecting Kenyan women with a tetanus vaccine that has been laced with a hormone that causes miscarriages and renders some women sterile.

Christians slaughtered in Kenya, Pakistan but UN eyes are only on Israel

The following by contributor Raymond Ibrahim is again telling of how the world has an obsession with picking out every perceived flaw with Israel, while ignoring the very real persecution of Christians and other minorities around the world.

UN team finds no proof on chemical weapons

United Nations investigators have listed a wide range of crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Syria, but provided no conclusion on the issue of chemical weapons use. "On the evidence currently available, it was not possible to reach a finding about the chemical agents used, their delivery systems or the perpetrators," the team probing human rights violations in Syria said in its latest report on Wednesday.

UN probes Israeli response to rockets, but not Syria chemical attack on civilians

The United Nations on Wednesday again revealed its true colors when it stopped short of ordering an official probe into charges that the Syrian government had killed hundreds of its own citizens in a chemical weapons attack.

Is UN’s Chief Ban Ki-Moon wrong about Israeli settlements deliberate?

There he goes again. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon erroneously has asserted, for the fourth time in two years, that “all [Israeli] settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, is illegal under international law.”