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War metaphors don't help cancer prevention and treatment

By Doherty: (NaturalNews) My mother has never been the kind of lady who cries easily, but when I was a young boy of 13 or 14, I saw the grief in her eyes and the tears streaming down her face as I never had before the day she learned that her best friend had lost her "battle" with cancer. It was the 1970s, and cancer treatment was far less sophisticated, much less accurate and every bit as painfully toxic as it is today. We later found out from her husband that she had actually died from the treatment, that her body was free of cancer but her heart hadn't survived the chemotherapy.

African countries adopt controversial deadly chemical, DDT, for malaria treatment

Amidst staggering mortality and morbidity rates due to malaria in the African continent, African Heads of State and Government have adopted the use of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), a controversial chemical, as the means of eradicating malaria in the continent, This came after several debates which commenced Wednesday July 10 at a meeting of Health Ministers of various African countries; and continued at meetings of Ambassadors and members of the Permanent Representative Council of the African Union on July 12.

Ulcerative Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Ulcerative colitis is also known as inflammatory bowel disease because it mainly affects the large intestine, colon and sometimes the rectum. In this chronic condition, the colon and rectum become inflamed and develop ulcers or sores. As a result, you may experience bleeding and diarrhea, which are characteristic of ulcerative colitis.

Insecticidal resistance in head lice leads to search for natural treatment

Head lice can be a parent's nightmare, but head lice with resistance to common over-the-counter lice treatments can be parents' and doctors' nightmares. Many countries have been reporting a growing number of lice cases with resistance to anti-lice medications. Hoping to find a solution to the problem, researchers are beginning to investigate natural head lice treatments.

Breast cancer rates skyrocket among women AND men in the armed forces, government still won't cover treatment

In a finding that has researchers vexed, researchers are discovering that both female and male members of the U.S. armed forces are experiencing a rise in breast cancer.

FDA denies family's alternative cancer treatment, shuts down clinic

The Camelot Cancer Care center in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been shut down. The FBI and the FDA showed up in April with a search warrant and seized computers, invoices, bills, cellphones, and important treatment that patients were receiving. Investigators would not speak about why they were there, but patients report that they were there to seize an illegal, unapproved cancer treatment called laetrile, obtained from apricot pits.

A Natural, Inexpensive, Easily Accessible, Safer Treatment for Depression?

Pharmacists Planning Service [1] (PPS), a “public health, consumer, and pharmacy education” nonprofit, is petitioning [2] the FDA to change the designation of St. John’s Wort from “herbal dietary supplement status” to “behind pharmacy counter status” (BPCS)—a designation that requires pharmacist consultation—citing dangerous side effects and drug interactions.

Technion Embryonic Stem Cell Discovery Could Be Breakthrough in Fertility Treatment

An end to egg donation? Israeli researchers from the Technion‘s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine have discovered that the amnion membrane, a part of the amniotic sac, may contain embryonic stem cells that could be developed into human eggs. The discovery was made by doctoral student Ayelet Evron mentored by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Eliezer Shalev.