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American Medical Association now pushing for transgender troops on the front lines of war

The nation’s largest physicians organization has made it a top priority to demand that men who think they’re women, and women who think they’re men, be allowed to brandish high-tech weaponry and fight on the front lines of America’s proxy wars around the world.

Senate Democrats and more than 300 public-health groups call on Trump officials to reverse HHS language restrictions

Political Correctness
In two letters Thursday, a group of Senate Democrats and more than 300 public-health organizations called on top Trump administration officials to lift any restrictions on how Health and Human Services employees communicate in official documents.

The transgender programming of children is child abuse, warns the American College of Pediatricians... chemical castration, genital mutilation and mental illness run amok…

Mike Adams, May 17, 2016
So this guy walks into an OB/GYN clinic and demands a gynecological exam. The doctor, a woman, takes one look at him and says, "That won't work. You're a man."

Massachusetts forces schools to let 'transgender' boys use girls' restrooms, lockers

Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester has issued orders to the state’s K-12 public schools requiring them to permit “transgender” boys and girls to use the opposite sex’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities as long as they claim to identify with that gender.