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Pacific Ocean off California Coast Turning Into Desert-like Dead Zone

It’s anyone’s guess why temperatures in the Pacific Ocean are heating up off the coast of Southern California. Is a natural El Niño effect occurring, or is there something more sinister happening under the blue ocean waters?

Florida Officials Tried to Stop a Gun Range from Raining Metal Shot on a Public Park

health freedom alliance, 12 May 2016
A legendary NRA lobbyist declared war on Florida officials who tried to stop a gun range from raining metal shot on a public park.

Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Herbicide Doesn’t Even Work, Actually Makes Weeds Stronger: Report

Health Freedom Alliance, 15 April 2016
As we have covered extensively in recent months, Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate, the primary ingredient in their top-selling product Roundup has been proven to cause cancer.

Health Ranger: I was poisoned by chronic exposure to toxic elements lurking in organic foods

I'd like to thank all the Natural News readers for your support as I'm engaged in intensive laboratory research and not posting very many stories right now. This will continue through early January up until we break our big announcements on food science.

Lawsuits Against Toxic Treat Manufacturers Move Forward

Last year in Pittsburgh, pet owner Lisa Mazur filed a federal class-action suit against Del Monte, producer of Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky treats made in China. Mazur’s healthy 7-year-old dog suffered kidney failure and had to be euthanized after eating the jerky treats occasionally for about a month.

Toxins In Hotel Rooms

Many news reports have described health risks often found in hotel rooms: bathroom glasses that are unclean, quilts seldom laundered and inadequate ventilation. Researchers at San Diego State University have discovered another problem: toxins in hotel rooms that are linked to cancer. But these scientists also reveal an easy way to avoid the toxic danger.