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The Effect of Soy Phytoestrogen Supplementation on Thyroid Status and Cardiovascular Risk Markers

There is concern whether soy phytoestrogens may affect thyroid function. If true, soy phytoestrogens may be expected to have a greater impact in subjects with subclinical hypothyroidism.

The Clinical Picture of Hypothyroidism

Correct diagnosis is the key to practicing good medicine. That sounds obvious, but in my experience, many of us do not make truly correct diagnoses. Why else would we have such high numbers of ill people in our country despite the huge amount of money we spend on "health care"?

New Study Shows that the Addition of T3 is Superior to Levothyroxine/T4-Only Thyroid Treatment for Hypothyroidism

There is exciting news for thyroid patients: a study published in a highly respected and reputable endocrinology journal says that the combination of T4/T3 is superior to T4 only/levothyroxine treatment for hypothyroidism! Here are the details.