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Rise in Thyroid Cancer is Baffling?

The article is titled, “Rise in thyroid cancer among young woman baffles experts.” ( Accessed 1.10.10). The article states that over 27,000 women will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year which is a six percent increase from 2009. The article also states that the reason the number of thyroid cancer rates is rising is a medical mystery and it is not understood why women are more likely to have thyroid problems as compared to men.

Understanding thyroid disorders and how to treat them naturally

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all the body's systems, your thyroid - a gland that is located in front of your neck - is also one of the most important among them, for it controls or supports a wide range of functions. Consequently, thyroid disorders can be extremely debilitating.

The Effect of Soy Phytoestrogen Supplementation on Thyroid Status and Cardiovascular Risk Markers

There is concern whether soy phytoestrogens may affect thyroid function. If true, soy phytoestrogens may be expected to have a greater impact in subjects with subclinical hypothyroidism.