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Eating a Mediterranean-style diet protects your liver

If you want a healthy liver and gut, an article on EurekAlert! recommended taking up a Mediterranean-style diet.

Why Tea Is So Good For You? See What the Evidence Says

Alex Jordon, Decembeer 14, 2015
It’s a so popular drink all over the world, and it’s loaded with so many benefits for health, most importantly, tea doesn’t seems to generate any negative perceptions such as coffee or other drinks

Turmeric-Ginger Tea - A powerful anti-inflammatory remedy for pain relief

By Sofiya: (NaturalNews) In recent years, the topic of inflammation has become more widely studied, and more is understood about this condition than in the past. Medical researchers are beginning to realize just how much of a toll chronic, low-level inflammation can take on the body and are starting to link it not only to arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, but also as a suspected culprit in diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Fire up your body’s own ‘fountain of youth’

By Livingston: Cells age as we age. This is a fact of life. All living things eventually face cell deterioration, and that includes the cells in your body. It’s the chemical process called oxidation, which occurs when cells interact with oxygen molecules.

When this happens to fruit, it rots and becomes rancid. Cell oxidation is a normal body function, and dead cells are typically replaced by new healthy cells. However, in the human body some of the cells don’t die. Instead, they transform into free radicals.

Intravenous delivery of tea compound shrinks and destroys skin tumors

In an article published online on August 14, 2012 in the journal Nanomedicine, researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland report a strong effect for green tea extract in combating skin cancer when delivered intravenously. While oral green tea intake has been associated with significant cancer-preventive benefits, its effectiveness as a treatment for pre-existing cancers has had less evidence in its favor.