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Researchers propose that sugars be taxed like other harmful and addictive substances

The results of research findings over the past 20 years have scientists urging governments to tax sugar in the same way as other harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol are. These addictive substances have high abuse potential, and any amount of their consumption is associated with an increase in morbidity. This inevitably strains the health care system with the cost of medical treatment. Diseases that require long term care, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease now cost the medical system more than infectious disease. Until the modern era, infectious disease has always held that top rung. Rates have skyrocketed as the expected lifespan in developing nations is catching up to those in the developed world, for the first time providing the time needed to see the evidence of degenerative disease manifest.

Food investigations: Welch's fruit juice cocktails contain more corn than fruit: 80% water and high fructose corn syrup

If you buy fruit juices at your local grocery store, you might notice the Welch's brand juices sold in refrigerated cartons. Welch's calls them "refrigerated cocktails" and offers exotic-sounding flavors like Strawberry Peach, Dragon Fruit Mango Cocktail and Orange Pineapple Apple.

Study finds Western diet leads to advanced aging and premature death - Are you slowly killing yourself?

Nutritional researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that what we eat directly determines genetic expression and can predict chronic disease risk, rate of aging, quality of life and mortality. A diet predominated by processed foods and laden with sugars, hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates has been shown to promote metabolic oxidation, systemic inflammation and lowered immune response that opens the door for heart disease, diabetes, dementia, stroke and many forms of cancer. A new research body evaluates precise risk factors in the development of several chronic illnesses and premature death.