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Best Tips On Handling Lead Generation Stress

STRESS the bane of the lead generation profession. It is a physical and mental condition that can bring qualified B2B leads productivity down of even the best employees. You know you are stressed when you do not want to leave your bed in the morning, work sluggishly through the day, suffer from headaches, or in a generally bad mood. This is something that you can typically see when telemarketing is employed, where rejection rates can be pretty high.

Job-related stress is a significant risk factor in the development of heart disease

Heart disease is a largely preventable chronic illness that is the leading killer of men, women and children in many western societies. Researchers and alternative medical experts have identified a long list of dietary and lifestyle factors that work together to promote development of the disease and validate lifestyle modifications that reverse vascular dysfunction and dramatically lower the risk of succumbing to heart disease.

Panic attacks, anxiety linked to low vitamin B and iron levels: Study

If you suffer from anxiety or develop occasional panic attacks marked by bouts of hyperventilation, you could merely be experiencing the side effects of an underlying nutrient deficiency that is easily correctable. This definitely appears to have been the case with 21 people who participated in a recent study based out of Japan, which identified a lack of both vitamin B6 and iron among participants who experienced panic or hyperventilation attacks.

Top eight herbal and natural remedies for eliminating stress

According to the book Toxemia Explained written by Dr. John Tilden back in 1926, stress is the glue that holds toxemia together. He called all the different types of stress enervation, and toxemia is the condition of inflammation and mucous that doesn't get cleared out of the body.

Feeling stressed? Perceived stress can increase risk of developing heart disease

A growing number of recent research studies have come to the conclusion that stress is a significant risk factor for developing an array of potentially deadly chronic illnesses including cancer, diabetes, dementia and especially cardiovascular disease. Researchers have determined that moderate to severe unresolved stress can be as dangerous to your health as smoking one pack of cigarettes per day. Chronic stress causes the release of hormones that are intended to save your life in a 'fight or flight' threatening situation. When chronic stress is present, hormone levels never return to normal and heart disease can be the result.

Breast Cancer and Stress, Younger Women Take Note

In women ages 25 to 45, a clear link has been established between stress and breast cancer risk1. Women with two or more traumatic events had a 62 percent greater risk, whereas women who were able to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook had 25 percent less risk.