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Chronic stress depletes your immune system

Many experts have hypothesized that increased stress cycles in the body produce the environment for disease development within the body. Stress can come from a variety of sources in the mental/emotional form, chemical nature and physical realm. When the body is under increased stress, it responds by increasing its sympathetic tone. This means the body shunts itself into "fight or flight" survival-based mode by altering cardiovascular & hormonal function to get itself ready for dynamic activity.

Stand Up To Stress

Modern society seems to specialize in creating stress for its inhabitants. Last month we coped with holiday stress. This month we’re still faced with workplace stress, the stress of commuting and financial stress (some of it the lingering effects of those holidays). There’s no question that all of these stresses can wreck your health and make you prone to debilitating disease. And medical research shows that stress wreaks its havoc at the cellular level. Luckily, the tools you need to de-stress are absolutely free for the taking.

Stress, Cancer and Sexuality

Anything that compromises your immune system dramatically reduces your chances for long term survival. It's understandable that sexuality may not be the primary focus for most cancer patients, at least not right away. But at some point, whether because of sexual changes, relationship issues, or difficulties with fertility, patients realize the impact of cancer on their sexuality. What is not realized is how dysfunctions in our sexualities causes cancer. What we do about our sexualities has a great bearing on whether we recover from cancer or not because sexual stress does cause cancer and does reduce immune system strength.

What you need to know about stress and cancer

Do you believe there is a connection between stress and cancer? Science has shown that chronic stress can accelerate the growth of cancer cells and promotes angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels. Thankfully, with simple changes in the diet, anyone can dramatically lower their risk for cancer or other degenerative diseases caused by stress.

Stress - The modern poison that is making us fat, bald, crazy and extremely unhealthy

The term stress is tossed around freely in this modern age and has become a casual buzzword for just about any predicament that we find unpleasant. Yet how it truly effects health and well-being in substantial ways is rarely acknowledged. Linked with a range of degenerative diseases from cancer to diabetes to stroke, stress is a silent poison, sapping us of vitality and, oftentimes, spirit. Weight-gain, mental illness and hair loss are common indicators of a life filled with too much stress. Taming this unruly beast should be a top priority for anyone who values solid mental, physical and emotional health.

Best Tips On Handling Lead Generation Stress

STRESS the bane of the lead generation profession. It is a physical and mental condition that can bring qualified B2B leads productivity down of even the best employees. You know you are stressed when you do not want to leave your bed in the morning, work sluggishly through the day, suffer from headaches, or in a generally bad mood. This is something that you can typically see when telemarketing is employed, where rejection rates can be pretty high.

Job-related stress is a significant risk factor in the development of heart disease

Heart disease is a largely preventable chronic illness that is the leading killer of men, women and children in many western societies. Researchers and alternative medical experts have identified a long list of dietary and lifestyle factors that work together to promote development of the disease and validate lifestyle modifications that reverse vascular dysfunction and dramatically lower the risk of succumbing to heart disease.