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8 Natural Substitutes Of Aspirin

Sherice, December 17, 2015
People have been taking aspirin for many decades now. Daily use of aspirin is not only ineffective, but it’s dangerous. It leads to a plethora of other problems and gastrointestinal issues while doubling the risk of strokes without reducing fatal heart attacks.

How Stress Affects Your Goals and Habits

Eric Fluckey, 12/03/2015
Whether you like it or not, stress plays a significant role in your life.

Not all stress is bad. It can build resilience and enhance performance. Chronic stress, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on our brains and bodies.

Potency Of Pumpkin Seeds

kardon, November 20, 2015
The pumpkin seeds are considered to be amongst one of the healthiest super foods, which cure a number of ailments. Its plentiful antioxidants, enzymes, iron, zinc, vitamins C and K, and fiber make it one of nature’s great health foods.