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Would you pay yourself $500,000 to stop smoking?

By Wells: (NaturalNews) Hello, smokers around the world. Big question: If half a million dollars in cash was on the table and you had to decide right now to quit smoking cigarettes and never pick up another one, would you pick up the pack of Marlboro Reds or the fat stack of cash?! Every smoker in the world has heard at least once how much money they're wasting on cigarettes. They usually hear it from their relatives. Somebody did the math, and it was ugly, but it obviously still didn't matter enough. So who's talking about $500,000 now? That's half a million dollars.

Keep your New Year's resolution - Stop smoking!

Did you do it? Did you say you would stop smoking for 2014? Have you yet? Are you trying? Do you know how? If you have the will power, there is a way! There is a way to quit smoking in 14 days or less, without the patch, without medication, without hypnosis, and you can learn from the best! First of all, let's debunk the scams, the shams and the risky products and then talk about the natural way to get off cigarettes for good.