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Stem Cells

First Ever Quadriplegic Treated With Stem Cells Regains Motor Control in His Upper Body

For the first time ever, neuroscientists have treated a total quadriplegic with stem cells, and he has substantially recovered the functions of his upper body only two months into the process.

The Keck Medical Center of USC announced that a team of doctors became the first in California to inject an experimental treatment made from stem cells, AST-OPC1, into the damaged cervical spine of a recently paralyzed 21-year-old man as part of a multi-center clinical trial.

Triggering Stem Cells for Accelerated Healing

Recent research, led by assistant professor of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at the University of South Carolina Joseph T. Rodgers, has found a way to increase the body’s ability to heal after injury. The study was published in the scientific journal Cell Reports.


Israeli Researchers Use Stem Cells to Treat Age-Related Blindness

Israeli researchers say they have developed a promising stem-cell therapy to treat age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, potentially saving the sight of millions of people.
Jerusalem-based Cell Cure Neurosciences reports that its OpRegen therapy infusion has shown encouraging potential in the first phase of its clinical trials.

New hope for kidney problems

There's something you should know about chronic kidney disease.
Most doctors will tell you there is no alternative besides costly dialysis or a transplant to deal with impaired renal function.
But there is another option. It's called stem cell biotherapy, and it offers new hope to those with this life-threatening disease.

Beating Human Hearts Grown In Laboratory Using Stem Cells

Robin Andrews, 23 March 2016
Right now, there are 4,186 people waiting for a heart transplant in the U.S., but with a huge donor shortage not all of these patients are likely to survive.

Interview Opportunity: Brian David Andersen Talks Converting Stem Cells and Replacing Dying Cells

Karina Weiler, February 10, 2016
We have a vibrant and cutting edge guest for your show! Brian David Andersen discovered a technology that applies several modalities to the body to stimulate stem cells and attract them to areas of need