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New York Expands Fight Against Soda to Juice Drinks

The New York City Health Department, locked in a court fight with an industry group that includes Coca-Cola Co. (KO) and PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) over a sugary soda ban, is now going after sports drinks, teas and energy drinks that it says can be just as deadly.

Limiting soda sizes may increase obesity, boost sugary drink consumption instead of reduce it: Study

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's harebrained scheme to restrict public access to sugary beverages sold in volumes higher than 16 ounces will more than likely result in people actually consuming more of such beverages, and thus lead to higher rates of obesity and diabetes. These are the findings of a new study out of the University of Missouri - Kansas City, which found that people are more likely to spend more money on, and drink more, sugary beverages when they are sold only in smaller containers than when they are sold in typical varying sizes.

Another Health Fraud -- “Fat-Blocking” Soda

“Pepsi Special” is the latest “healthy soda” to hit the market, this time in Japan. Infused with dextrin, a type of fiber that’s popular in fiber supplements in the U.S., Pepsi Special is being marketed as a “fat-blocking soda,” as it claims to help reduce your body’s absorption of fat.

Soda, restaurant industries sue NYC over drink size restrictions

Following a landmark decision by the New York City Board of Health back in September to ban the sale of soda beverages larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, street food carts, and movie theaters beginning in March 2013, a cohort of industry players from the soda and restaurant industries is now fighting back in the form of a lawsuit.

Soda Companies Have Contracts with Most American Schools

How are soda companies targeting teenagers these days? By negotiating contracts with school systems for sole “pouring rights.” In fact, four out of every five public high schools have agreements with either Coca-Cola or Pepsi to exclusively serve their beverages on their premises, reports Mother Jones.

The soda industry legally sells banned ingredients

Flame retardant soda sounds like it was inspired by a mad scientist using their colorful imaginations. But, that’s exactly what United States citizens are drinking – with every glass of soda. And, here’s the worst part, it’s all legally approved by government health agency designed to protect our health!