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Leftists now claim “gifted” math classes are racist and must be halted nationwide

Cacey Wells, a teaching professor at the University of Oklahoma, wants to get rid of all advanced math classes designed for “gifted” students because he believes they’re inherently racist and promote “academic apartheid.”

Democrat memo demands complete takeover of the internet, total censorship of political opponents

Senate Democrats are already planning the next steps for the path to full-blown censorship, and a recently revealed memo shows the liberals on Capitol Hill are looking to usurp control of the entire internet.

Widespread starvation, food scarcity in Venezuela, inevitable result of socialist economic policies which end in price controls, scarcity and mass famine

J. D. Heyes, February 22, 2016
Self-avowed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is beginning to close in on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, no doubt has the country's best interests at heart, but we simply wish he was more educated on the effects of socialist policies on vitally important issues like commerce and the laws of economics.

Democrat Party copies communist manifesto to compose new 'Progressive Agenda'

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) There have been claims made by conservatives that the Democrat Party's hard-left shift since Barack Obama became president is indicative of its slide toward socialism, but some observers say the party's shift is even further leftward than that, and that the party really embraces full-blown communism.

Socialism sucks: McDonald's runs out of french fries across Venezuela

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) The grand socialist experiment in Venezuela begun by the great revolutionary, the late Hugo Chavez, continues to perform as expected in the South American nation -- which is, to say, poorly.

So much so, in fact, that even McDonald's restaurants are now running out of a signature menu item: French fries. And Venezuelans are certainly not "lovin' it."

As reported by The Associated Press:

Forget the French fries. How about a side of yuca with that Big Mac?

Venezuela's socialist nightmare continues as pharmacies run out of medicine

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) As the experiment to transform Venezuela from a market-based to a socialist economy continues unabated, the country is devolving further into chaos, with shortages of common commodities and medicines spreading like the unrest gripping larger parts of the South American nation.

As reported by, a recent tweet characterized just how bad the situation has gotten, in terms of the availability of life-saving drugs and other medical treatments.

The website noted:

Hungry Venezuelans sleep in endless grocery lines as food shortage crisis worsens

By Heyes: NaturalNews) As socialist government deepens in Venezuela, economic conditions continue to worsen for the Venezuelan people -- and the government leaders continue to deny that their policies are to blame.

So bad, now, is the economy that the government has deployed the military -- the military -- to ensure that anxious, hungry and needy citizens don't over-indulge at stores (when they actually have merchandise and food, which is increasingly rare).

The real cost of socialism: Venezuela suffers under severe shortages of flour, butter, milk and diapers

Rising unrest and turmoil in Venezuela are side effects of the ugly, predictable face of socialism, as evidenced by the underreported realities of life in a country besieged by a bankrupt political ideology.