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Commentary: UK single-payer health system’s new policy targeting obese people, smokers is horrifying

In the months leading up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives and Republicans railed against Democrats’ plan to increase government’s role in health care, with many arguing an expansion could eventually lead to the creation of “death panels” — government committees that determine which health care services will be covered and for whom.

How Big Food Twists the Science

Just like mosquitos are the vectors of spread for malaria, a landmark article published recently in one of the most prestigious medical journals described large food corporations as the vectors of spread for chronic disease. Unlike “infectious disease epidemics, however, these corporate disease vectors implement sophisticated campaigns to undermine public health interventions.” Most mosquitoes don’t have as good PR firms.

Cigarette packs are being stripped of advertising around the world. But not in the US.

Cigarette packs have long served as portable advertising for tobacco companies, with smokers conveniently disseminating branding and imagery wherever they go.
Packaging has also long been a central target for health advocates in the global effort to get more people off deadly tobacco products.
This week, the World Health Organization called on countries everywhere to step up the war on tobacco advertising and promotion by introducing plain, or standardized, packaging of tobacco products.

Growing number of people suffering burns from smoking while on oxygen: doctors

Canadian Press, February 2, 2016
The raw, red burn scars on Al Pombert's face are a warning of what can happen to someone who smokes while on oxygen therapy.

Smokers feed vicious toxic cycle of anxiety and stress - switch to organic food, end the addiction and feel alive again!

By Wells: (NaturalNews) Life is hard and everybody gets anxious and "frazzled" sometimes, but if this is how you feel on/off all day, maybe it's because you smoke cigarettes. Maybe it's also because nicotine is only 30-minute relief for the "cigarette hangover" -- that feeling that ensues when the commercial cigarette's insecticide, herbicide, ammonia and bleach enters your lungs, your blood and your cleansing organs.

UK government can now ban smoking in cars to protect children

British Members of Parliament voted through a House of Lords amendment to enable the UK Health Secretary to ban smoking in cars with kids inside. Not just Wales but all of Great Britain is reeling from the decision, trying to figure out how the Government deems it "sensible" to regulate their every private decision, like whether to pollute their own lungs and have children with smelly clothes. "And thy law shall protect you from yourselves, and that will be the law of the land! And the government shall step in where you can't, and protect thy children from thyself, and those who cannot manage to operate heavy machinery while smoking, eating, calling, texting or thinking independently about the future." Smells a little like a patriot act on the horizon for the Brits, are you all taking notes over there?

Vaccines for everything - The quest for a smoking jab continues

If you are a smoker struggling to kick the habit, the vaccine industry wants to see you inoculated with one of several new anti-smoking vaccines coming down the immunization pipeline. A recent study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine explains the industry's latest idea for helping smokers quit -- inject them with a genetically-modified (GM) virus strain that causes their livers to unnaturally produce antibodies that target the nicotine compound.

Health Basics - Stop smoking without gaining weight

Once you understand how a chemical addiction drains nutrients from your body and feeds a vicious cycle, then you can learn behavior modification which enables you to replace bad habits with good habits (routines) that replenish a severely depleted system with nutrition and Superfoods. There are many programs and gimmicks being sold which rarely help people quit cigarettes for good, and there are also many smokers who quit smoking, only to find themselves putting on weight and wrecking their health even more. This is because nicotine acts as a depressant in the long run, and quitting cold turkey can lead to bad eating habits, even worse ones than most smokers have during their pack-a-day, two-packs-a-day, and even three-packs-a-day habit.

Groundbreaking research exposes the serious health consequences of thirdhand smoke

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California have proven for the first time that thirdhand smoke produces significant damage to human DNA. A toxic residue from cigarette smoke that adheres to practically every surface - including hair, skin, clothing, carpeting, furniture and paint, this problematic remnant may become increasingly dangerous over time. Even more alarming, cleaning the noxious substance from physical environments is virtually impossible.