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sleep deprivation

How Insufficient Sleep Affects Your Marriage and Health

When you don’t get enough sleep, chances are pretty good that you are a little cranky the next day. Unfortunately, we often take our less-than-wonderful moods out on those closest to us—namely, our significant others—even if we don’t mean to. But if this happens to you on a fairly regular basis, it would be worth your while to change the pattern. New research suggests that this particular combination of lack of sleep and arguing can be detrimental to your health over the long term.

Getting That Morning Daylight Exposure is Vital for Better Sleep

Workers who are exposed to sunlight or bright indoor lights during the morning hours sleep better at night and tend to feel less depressed and stressed than those who don't get much morning light, according to a recent study.

Exposure to more light during the day and less light at night is critical for healthy sleep patterns because it helps to calibrate the body's internal “circadian” clock, the study team writes in the journal Sleep Health.

Sleep Less Than 8 Hours, And This Is What Happens to Your Body Right Now

health freedom alliance, 29 April 2016
According to the documentary, Sleepless in America, coproduced by the National Geographic Channel, 40 percent of Americans are sleep deprived. Many get less than five hours of sleep per night.

6 Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

Jeffrey Green, Posted on December 9, 2015
Have you considered sending your child to rehab to help them overcome their addiction to the electronic screens of video games, cell phones and the like? While that may sound far-fetched to some parents who are themselves ‘screen addicts’, it’s an idea whose time has come.

Why getting by on little to no sleep spells trouble for cells, organs

By Antonia: (NaturalNews) Many people are aware that they should try their best to get proper amounts of sleep. At the very least, lack of it makes them groggy the following day. In other, more serious instances, drowsy driving has been found to be responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries every year in the United States. So serious is the issue that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers lack of shut-eye a public health epidemic.(1)

Nine signs of sleep deprivation - Do you get enough sleep?

By Edwards: (NaturalNews) No one can squeeze more hours into a day, but we certainty try. Unfortunately, too many of us extend the hours of our day by cutting back on sleep. Here are the warning signs that you are overdoing it and probably have been for some time.

You Need an Alarm Clock to Wake Up

Five foods that can treat insomnia and improve sleep

According to the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, nearly 1 in 10 adults in the United States suffers from insomnia. Although most of these people suffer from short-term insomnia, many of them also suffer from chronic insomnia (i.e., difficulty falling or staying asleep for more than six months). Such sleep deprivation can significantly decrease the quality of one's life.

New research suggests that sleep plays a vital role in brain health, with sleep deprivation being conducive to brain tissue loss

The importance of sleep in relation to physical health is well known. Too little sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. It is recommended that adults sleep seven to nine hours per night, but 30% of the United States population doesn't get sufficient sleep. When it comes to brain health, recent research indicates that a good night's sleep can be important in strengthening our brains' connective tissue, processing memories and maintaining a healthy brain by preventing brain tissue loss.