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Science bloggers, 'skeptics' exposed as group of online terrorists whose weapons include intimidation, censorship and threats

In a recent piece published by professor, author and human rights advocate Brian Martin for the Townsend Letter, this global terrorist plot being carried out by the S&S religion is carefully documented and explained. Entitled "Healthy dissent: resisting attacks on alternative medicine," Martin's report addresses some of the most common tactics used by S&S terrorists against their opposition as well as highlights how those on the receiving end of such abuse, mainly alternative medicine practitioners and advocates, have tried to fight back.

Is Wikipedia Controlled by the Scum/Filth “Skeptics?” Or is Something Else Going On Here?

Tim Bolen, May 8, 2016
There is no question that Wikipedia is not our friend. It is obviously “Skeptic” Grand Dragon Home Base.

Reddit bans intelligent skepticism about climate change; all skeptical comments instantly banned

A favorite tactic of the political left is neutralizing or silencing critics rather than engaging them in honest debate on a level playing field. Nowhere is this done as often as in the issue of climate change/global warming; the true believers simply have no interest in the fair exchange of ideas and, as such, routinely resort to tactics used by police states everywhere.