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sinus infections

Cure sinus infections naturally using these herbs

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) This time of year, nearly everyone is suffering from some type of sinus irritation, whether it be a respiratory infection, head cold or agitated allergies caused by wintertime allergens (most likely cedar if you're living in central Texas). If you're like me, you avoid over-the-counter allergy pills like a plague. For one, they don't always work, and secondly, they're usually accompanied by a range of side effects including drowsiness, headache, dry mouth and nervousness.

4 common respiratory conditions and their causes

By Henry:(NaturalNews) More than one in three Americans suffer from one of the four most common respiratory conditions. Respiratory problems can be caused by a number of factors, including viral and bacterial infections, pollution, smoking, poor quality diet, food toxins and allergies, a stressful and inactive lifestyle, and overuse of antibiotics.

Since breathing is a fundamental requirement to not only life itself, but also a good quality of life, it is important to know what causes the most common respiratory conditions.

Hay fever

Sinus infections - How to avoid and cure naturally

By Edwards:(NaturalNews) There's nothing quite like a sinus infection. You get to experience non-stop pressure and pain. Your face hurts. Your head hurts. Possibly, your teeth hurt as well. Left untreated, the infection can involve the bones of the face and in rare cases, can actually spread to the brain.