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Yes, they’re coming for your guns: Illinois town criminalizes all its citizens who refuse to turn in LEGAL firearms in less than 60 days

For years Left-wing Democrats have claimed that when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment, they don’t really want to eliminate the right or take away people’s guns.

More Florida students walk out over guns — not in protest but in SUPPORT of the Second Amendment

A wonderful thing happened the other day that was almost universally ignored by the disgustingly dishonest Pravda media because it ran counter to a couple narratives pushed by the “mainstream” press.

Censorship is how those in charge control public discourse – and we allow it by not educating ourselves about the facts

Censorship is very much in the news, with the latest example being the effort by the progressive movement to silence pro-Trump Fox News host Laura Ingraham after a petty social media dustup with a Parkland high school student who champions gun control.

Why anti-gun cities are collapsing into runaway murder hubs

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) It is becoming extremely difficult to distinguish some parts of American cities from overseas war zones as the number of people cut down by gunfire in these cities continues to climb.

Over the recent Memorial Day holiday, for example, nine people were killed and scores more were wounded in what became part of the deadliest month for the violent city of Baltimore in some 15 years.

In Chicago, meanwhile, 12 people were killed and 43 wounded in various shooting incidents; among the dead was a four-year-old girl.

Anti-gun journalists suddenly realize they need firearms to be safe in aftermath of shooting in France

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Gun-rights and Second Amendment advocates have never said that everyone in the country ought to be armed -- only that the Constitution recognizes that "arms" are important for liberty and self-defense and that Americans ought to be permitted to arm themselves if they so desire.

Anti-gun advocates, meanwhile, have always said the opposite -- that Americans do not have an inherent, constitutional right to "keep and bear arms" (outside of an organized militia), even for self-defense. Many of these people are journalists, by the way.

Former police chief in pro-gun video exposed as government shill who entrapped constitutionalists

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Here is a lesson about why you should never completely trust anyone you "meet" online, no matter whom they appear to be.

A former small-town Pennsylvania police chief who posted a number of videos online of himself spewing obscenities about liberal ideologues and their views on the Second Amendment, all while shooting automatic weapons, secretly gave information about people he thought were members of a so-called militia, who he believed were anti-government extremists and people who called themselves "sovereign citizens" to state police and the FBI.

VA labels veterans 'incompetent' to handle finances, stripping them of the right to purchase and own guns

By Heyes:(NaturalNews) Tens of millions of Americans were outraged earlier this year when news broke that Veterans Administration hospitals were deleting veterans' records and failing to schedule them for needed medical appointments in order to appear as though they were fixing a horrible backlog of patients who had yet to be seen.

Citizens sue to restore their Second Amendment rights in Colorado, Connecticut

Left-wing, anti-Second Amendment lawmakers and governors have been working overtime throughout 2013 to take away the supposedly unimpeachable right of their citizens to "keep and bear arms" of their choice.

Federal Judge: Citizens Need Not Ask Permission to Exercise 2nd Amendment Rights

A federal judge struck down a Maryland law requiring individuals to prove that they have “good and substantial reason” for seeking a handgun carry permit from the state.