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Sauna use decreases risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 65 percent, study reports

The number of Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s disease exceeds 5 million – a number that the Alzheimer’s Association estimates will triple by the year 2050. And, while rates of some degenerative conditions, such as heart disease, have decreased since 2000, deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have soared by an astonishing 89 percent – causing researchers and scientists to scramble to find methods of treating and preventing this debilitating disease, like the use of a sauna.

Saunas help improve joint movement, relieve muscle soreness and arthritis pain

For centuries, Finns, Turks, Native Americans and people from other cultures throughout the world have enjoyed relaxing in saunas, but only recently have the numerous health benefits provided by saunas been documented and scientifically proven.

Although designs vary from country to country, most traditional saunas are based on similar principles. A sauna is usually an enclosed space where the temperature is raised to between 70 and 100 degrees Centigrade (158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit).