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same-sex marriage

Natural News completes online social media experiment exploring the boundaries of same-sex marriage, racism, sexism and gender

After landing myself in some pretty hot water over the past few days running an online social media experiment, I've decided to halt the test and disclose what we've been doing here at Natural News. Yes, it's true: We've been running a social media "stress test" to find out whether internet users could have a rational discussion on edgy topics like race, gender and same-sex marriage. For this test, I personally penned several eyebrow-raising articles on topics we normally would not cover, including an article on Michael Jackson (which we have already removed, as you'll see below), an article on Clorox attacking fathers (written in an activism / boycott tone), an article on the Zimmerman trial's Rachel Jeantel and how she appears to be a brain damaged victim of a toxic society that routinely poisons children (written in a journalistic tone), and a parody article announcing that Lady Gaga had called for same-sex fathers to be arrested if they didn't breastfeed their adopted infants. (Yes, you read that right...)